Earth (Common)

Terra Firma (Scientific)


Terran Solar System, Orion Sector, Milky Way Galaxy


7 billion minifigs

Dominant Species


Earth is a mostly harmless planet located in the Milky Way Galaxy in the Terran Solar System. It is the origin of the minifig race, and is home to billions of other species. The planet is often threatened by evil villains.

History Edit

Earth is believed to have formed as a molten planet whose surface was of volcanic rock and lava about 4 to 5 billion years before the events of LEGO Island 3. The planet cooled off and life emerged on the planet in the form of the dinosaurs a few hundred million years ago. When minifigs appeared on the planet is unknown.

Earth erupted into war in the 1950s when the Mega Confederation bombed several major cities. This lead to the Great Brick War, which pitted the planet's powers over the resources of LEGO Bricks. It was during this time that the first artificial Power Brick was created on LEGO Island. The Great Brick War came to an end several years later, with the Mega Confederation in defeat.

Ever since the moon landing of 1969, Earth has experienced a major technological burst. What took species like the Ramas and Martians hundreds of years to fathom and discover, it took Earth mere decades. Minifigs colonized Mars in the eighties and with the break through of warp drive, was able to colonize other planets in other systems. Earth remains a technological and political power in the universe.

Geography and ClimateEdit

Earth is known as a planet with high climate diversity. The regions of the planet farthest away from its equator tend to be cold and icy, while those close to it tend to be warm, sunny, and tropical. Those in between are temperate environments that are just right for minifig settlement.

Earth has seven major political continents:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Antarctica
  • Asia
  • Australia


Unlike most planets, Earth has hundreds of sovereign factions on it, while most planets like Xalax or Ogel Prime have a unified government. However, ever since the Great Brick War, the planet has been in relative peacetime save for trade disputes often quickly solved by international alliances. This allows for the governments of Earth to focus on space exploration, and the joint colonization of other planets and star systems.

Many say that Earth's many factions is a benefit to the planet, as it creates competition among the species for dominance. This has lead to many technological advances by the minifig species in a short amount of time that many species do not discover for hundreds of years.


Earth orbits a single star which has been simply named "The Sun". Around Earth orbits its only natural satellite, "The Moon".

Other Notes/Trivia Edit

  • Mostly harmless.