A Power Brick is a supercharged LEGO Brick capable of producing enormous amounts of power or to be used as a deadly weapon. There are only two known power bricks in the world, the one that provides energy to much of the LEGO Island Area, and the Crystal Brick.

General Information Edit

A Power Brick has huge amounts of energy stored in it. Scientists therorize that if such a brick were to be totally destroyed, one could destroy an entire area about half the size of Earth. Nobody knows how a Power Brick can be formed, but some scientists theorize that these special bricks may be super-absorbant, and could have absorbed energy from a supernova or a star.

First Artificial Power Brick Edit

The first man-made Power Brick was created on LEGO Island in the year 1957. But shortly after it was created, it became unstable. A burst of energy killed 13 out of the 14 scientists stationed on the island, the only survivor was the Infomaniac. For the next 30 or years, this brick was used to broadcast clean energy to LEGO Island. But when the Brickster returned in 1984, he stole the brick and used it as a weapon to deconstruct most of LEGO Island. The Brickster was defeated by Bologna Roni The Power Brick was stolen again in 1997, to be retrieved by Pepper Roni.

10 years later in 2007 during the Invasion of LEGO Island, both sides of the battle tried to get their hands on the brick. Eye-witness reports indicate that the brick was split up by the Brickster's forces, spreading its shards across the universe.